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SampleIQ helps nuclear power plants achieve the highest levels of safety and compliance, with enhanced visibility into plant operations. Assuring critical generation assets are operated efficiently and maintained per EPRI and manufacturer standards.

Chemistry data understood.

SampleIQ is used by nuclear power plants to monitor, track, and analyze chemistry data.

The platform includes an ever-growing set of modular solutions for chemistry data management, chemical inventory, GIS mapping, groundwater monitoring, and emergency response management.

  • SampleIQ integrates instruments, databases, and test equipment.

  • SampleIQ is tailored to each plant’s parameters and conditionsManagement sees when limits are violated and receives alerts. The software enables the early detection of problems and timely mitigation.

  • SampleIQ offers predictive trending via iPads and dashboard apps to monitor hundreds of operation areas with color graphs and models.

  • SampleIQ advances scheduling. It drives efficient workforce utilization. With SampleIQ management can schedule plant tests, print work orders, and send alerts when tests are missed.

Our Capabilities


SampleIQ is built to support any configuration, preference, or option any plant could desire or require. All naming conventions are site specific, as are all systems/tests/sample points.


SampleIQ provides quick trending functionality to every data result entered, allow users to visually evaluate the data and easily identify trends before they become a problem. The Multi-axis graphing features allows for comparison of related data on a single plot, providing insight to system operating conditions and data results


Utilizing Active Reports within SampleIQ allows clients to build custom reports quickly and easily.  Plus, the added flexibility of ad hoc reporting and data querying for export to Microsoft Excel makes utilization of data a snap.


SampleIQ is bundled with a guaranteed, well-proven, fixed fee implementation services program that assures clients the migration will be as non-disruptive to daily operations as possible. 

Knowledge is Power.

SampleIQ provides data management for multiple electrical generators.

Review and enter chemistry data, sample scheduling requirements, and view chemical inventory.


Securely cloud-hosted, SampleIQ can be provided as a SaaS solution relieving stations of the burden of capital budgeting and IT impediments.

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Our Capabilities

A streamlined solution built for the electrical industry. Core capabilities are highly configurable:


SampleIQ provides a configurable data management system for your entire fleet. Each sample/analysis can have its own configuration and notification rules.


Built-in interfaces automatically collect data from plant DCS system, in-line instruments, OSI PI System, external labs, and databases to efficiently getting the data where it is needed.


The fleet database has flexible reporting and trending features that are available anytime from anywhere. Compare fleet results in seconds rather than weeks.


SampleIQ helps manage instrument calibration to assure quality control. The logbook centrally stores instrument calibration history and upcoming schedule.


Assure all samples and tests are collected on time. QA/QC framework with instrument calibration module, assures test results are valid and station complies with regulatory and warranty requirements.


Populate SampleIQ with historical data from a wide range of legacy formats such as SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, and exports for legacy mainframe systems.

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