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Great solutions don’t just happen overnight. They evolve. Working together with our customers, our solutions now help support 95% of North America’s Nuclear fleet.

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Providing industry leading software to Chemistry groups throughout the
Electric Power Industry.
  • GCR entered into the Nuclear Chemistry space in 1994 when we were selected by Entergy’s Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant to develop a chemistry database. The 16 bit WinCDMs application was born.

  • In 1997, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) selected GCR to integrate WinCDMs to EPRI’s Smart ChemWorks.

  • In 1998, WinCDMs was implemented in 13 plants across the country. In that same year, EPRI contracts GCR to develop a 32 bit version of WinCDMs.

  • In 1999, the first version of the Multiparser is developed. This tool allows for the electronic transfer of data between analyzers and the database.

  • In 2003, Active Reports designer is incorporated into WinCDMs to allow for enhanced detailed reporting of information.

  • In 2006, ORTEC works with GCR to allow for direct transfer of Gamma Spectroscopy from Global Values software to WinCDMs. There are now 20 plants using the WinCDMs application.

  • In 2010, WinCDM is rewritten and released as NuclearIQ. This new release is written into the .NET format and is a significant enhancement to the application.

  • In 2013, the NuclearIQ application is now implemented at 27 sites across the US.

  • In 2016, Columbia Nuclear Station starts using NuclearIQ as their database for the Radiation Protection department. This marks the first time a group outside of Chemistry has begun using the application.

  • In 2017, NuclearIQ is implemented at the Bruce Power Station in Tiverton, Ontario. They become the first power plant outside the US to utilize the application. NuclearIQ is now implemented in 51 sites across the US and Canada.

  • In 2019, NuclearIQ is implemented within Entergy’s Power Generation fleet as SampleIQ. This marks the first utilization of the software outside of the Nuclear Industry.

  • In 2020, NuclearIQ and SampleIQ are combined under the name SampleIQ.

  • In 2022, the Barakah Nuclear Power Station in Rawais City, UAE, implements SampleIQ at their 4 unit APWR reactor site.

  • In 2022, SampleIQ implemented for the Constellation General Services Lab as the replacement for their legacy system. This is the first centralized laboratory servicing multiple generation and distribution clients to implement SampleIQ.

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