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Nuclear and Power Generation and Water Solution data management systems backed by a team of industry experts.



We set the standard for data management.

GCR’s data management and compliance software offers one system of record for sample results and readings with robust trend plots and reporting to monitor, track and analyze data. Our solutions support over 95% of North America’s nuclear power plants.

Over the past two decades, our data management and compliance software has evolved under the guidance and direction of a robust users’ group that functions as a steering committee for the technology’s continued progress.

Our customers tell us their data management challenges. We help them overcome them through industry-specific innovation.​


GCR’s technology centralizes sample results for unlimited users across multiple locations and provides one database to track all programs, including plant chemistry, environmental monitoring, cleanup and remediation, groundwater samples, and air releases.

SampleIQ provides the user with quick and easy to use reporting and plotting tools, making understanding the data a breeze.

Main data entry form is customizable to the type of data you want to capture and retain.

Multiple users can access the database at the same time, providing up to the minute details on all of the ongoing activities.

Our Solutions

Gas Plant

The industry standard data management system, supporting over 95 percent of the North American Nuclear Power fleet.

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